Local currency. What is SOL (System of Local Organization, in English LETS, Local Exchange Trading System)

The SOL is an association of people who put services, knowledges and goods available to the rest of people. It is the most valued way to create a local currency that is local. The exchanges are valued as a unit of exchange chosen by the members of the SOL as a local currency. SOL main idea is based on the constant that everyone has skills, resources or time that can be shared with others without using euros, pounds or dollars.

The association is local: members can easily find and meet each other and develop coexistence and trust. These are fundamental values of the SOL.

In the SOL, when I receive a book or computer help, I do not pay with euros, but I do it with a local currency that the other person can use when he or she wants to buy what he or she has chosen in another exchange with a third person. We're not talking about barter.


A more equitable social currency:

In the capitalist system, it’s increasing the numbers of people that have no money to buy supplies, but they have the time, skills or products that can not put on the market.

Within the SOL, they can exchange between them without using euros. They can use a unit of currency that can be considered as a unit of exchange, a local currency that is useful among members of each SOL.

Richer alternative economy:

In the SOL, the many non-professional capacities we all have can be available to others, creating wealth that otherwise would certainly unexploited. Our creativity can also flourish freely for the benefit of the community.

In the existing social order, to procure what individuals need, our skills must be validated by diplomas in a hierarchical system. Those who are excluded from this system by unemployment, are marginal and therefore devalued. In the SOL, we can not only find impossible resources but also find satisfaction to offer our skills and time to change and provide the community. Together we can offer second chances to those who don’t see any way out in the current situation.

More coexistence:

In this dehumanized world, many are lonely, with no social contact. Within the SOL, exchanges are based on trust and reciprocity promoting unity between members. The coexistence develops rapidly with the activities organized by the association. In the SOL each individual has the same status. All the abilities are recognized and valued in the same way. The relationships and interactions are between equals without any power relation.

More durable:

In this consumer society of disposable objects produced across the world with a shameful exploitation of workers, exchanges within the practice in the SOL allow more local consumption, less abundant but more durable (exchange of goods useless for some but useful to others).

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